Mr. Ala’a Muneer Swailem CPA, ACPA

team-mem-5Ala’a joined Osool Consulting & training as chief consultants in the Department of Zakat and Tax and Internal Audit, where he worked before that for a period of more than fifteen years of experience in auditing and consulting with the best leading professional company in this field, Ala’a graduated from Zarqa University in Jordan with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting with honors degree, and he obtained a member of The Arab Society of Certified Accountants (ACPA) in Jordan, has got too many professional certification in the same area over the years experience and practice it.
Ala’a has a wide range of auditing and finance consulting and administrative, Zakat, Tax, Valuation experience in many companies in deferent sectors as industrial, trading, real estate, banking, construction, The utility companies and public institutions, health care and Investments of all kinds and others.

Ala’a also work in many consulting services and market studies and economic feasibility and design of accounting systems, cost and evaluation of companies, liquidation and analyst Zakat and tax issues zakat tax and specializes in the recovery of taxes of all kinds (withholding tax and value added, etc.) and specializes also in conditioning contracts for the purposes of Zakat and Tax.