team-mem-3Hazim joined to Abdulwahab CPA’s in 2014 as an audit manager. Hazim’s previous experience is wide and diversified. He worked for more than 12 years with leader professional firms “CroweHorwath International“.
Hazim graduated from Applied Science University in Jordan with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banks Science in Excellent degree.
During the previous years, Hazim obtained a wide range of auditing, financial and economic consulting experience in many companies in different sectors (i.e. financial institutions, agriculture business,

industrial, commercial, real-estate, contracting, engineering, utilities, public organizations, health care and hospitality, manufacturing industries, etc.) And he is a member of Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) In U.S.A, Hazim undertook the Certificate of Management Accountant and Certificate of Financial Manager (CMA) tests and successfully completed two parts of the certificate.
He joined in a number of courses and seminars specializing in auditing and consultancy global centers in Sweden, Malaysia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia