Patrick Savidge

team-mem-2Mr. Savidge is currently serving as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Operating Partner for Drop Test International (DTI) where he brings leadership and business expertise to help guide DTI to international growth and prosperity. Patrick works directly with the CEO to provide the highest quality of business operations and support services to DTI staff to achieve excellence and continuous improvement throughout the organization. He is responsible for the strategic operational leadership of staff productivity, Marketing and business development. Patrick has been essential is establishing goals, implementing objectives, and strategically branding DTI as it continues to grow.

Patrick possesses an eagerness to learn and master new roles. As COO he has shown his skills as a dynamic problem solver with the ability to delegate tasks to achieve organizational goals. Being well traveled, Patrick has an excellent capacity to work and understand diverse cultures which has led DTI to be successful internationally.
Patrick is a Certified Personal trainer focused on providing the highest quality individual and group personal training services. Patrick is an expert in weight loss, nutritional counseling, and total body circuit training. He also enjoys incorporating TRX, kettelbell, and plyometric training as well.  With over 10 years’ experience and having conducted thousands of 1 on 1 personal training sessions, Patrick has a proven track record of client satisfaction, retention and results.